Tuesday 6 January 2015

No angel

 I was on holiday over the festive season, something unheard of for the past 11 years or so. Sadly, couldn't afford to go anywhere (which in my case means be with family), so things were very quiet. Any quieter and I would have heard my own thoughts. Whilst at it, I rediscovered that not doing anything doesn't equal getting relaxed.
And  so in a last minute holiday-ending-panic, I removed myself from inside the flat and ventured out in the Cotswolds, specifically to dribble over antiques (I have simple ideas of fun), contemporary art (at the Moreton Gallery) and last but not least, clothes (at the Rhoman shop).

The creations below are the result of Anna Rhoman's play with boiled wool (pics from the store's website). I found a perfectly extravagant one, in mauve, right up my street. Not so when it comes to the price - short of £500 -  platonic love once more.

boiled wool 126 boiled wool 125

Things brightened up at the art gallery that sells, among other stuff, pots by Jenny Knight, a British potter who is local to the area. Prices for her work are affordable and there was a 10% sale on, meaning I succumbed oh so easily to temptation and acquired a bowl, mini jug (to drizzle sauces) and petite mug (to help with timekeeping :).

I am not into Jenny's other ranges, but I have a no ending love for the splattered ceramics she does.
Here is my little collection so far - in fact not a collection as such, since I am using them rather then admire behind a cabinet door, let's call them a group of related household objects. Joy givers, that's what they are.

A little later on, posing with the arched windows amongst large flower pots at the Mansion House Hotel, I managed - with the help of a little bubbly - to look tentatively enthusiastic while waiting for the food to be brought over. But since all highs are paid for with a low, soon enough I found myself eating a hot salmon and dill wrap that was colder than a Gothic church and about as full of dill as one, and very expensively so.

P.S. I may appear to have sprouted wings, but believe me I am no angel; my thoughts were less than pure...


  1. You can't beat nice ceramics. You get to support a local artist and have fab pots to use.

  2. I love using them, they transform any meal into a "me" time and delight every time. Plus, spending money on them is completely justified as they are not only beautiful, but serve a concrete purpose.