Wednesday 24 July 2013

1920's beach babe

Santa Monica 1920's via losangelespast tumblr

1920's bathing beauty via

Marie Prevost  for Photoplay, 1921, via the loudestvoice.tumblr

Viola Dana in The Beauty Prize, 1924, via valentinovamp.tumblr

...seen that checkered bathing suit before?...

a fresh Joan Crawford in the 1920's via bogarted.tumblr

1928 beachwear, via maudelynn tumblr

Carole Lombard, 1928, via maudelynn tumblr

moving slightly into the next decade, Miss Florida 1930, Margaret Ekdahl, via historyful.tumblr

the very gorgeous Thelma Parr, photographed by George Cannons

1930's bathing, via drama of exile tumblr

and the badest beach bum of them all, via tobycreek etsy


  1. <3 that Thelma Parr suit!! Really enjoying these recent bathing beauty posts!

  2. Third one up is my favourite photo - so attractive! I like her costume best too.

  3. I am completely smitten with all of the amazing vintage beach photos you've been posting lately, honey. Thank you for adding so much old school summer fun (and loveliness) to my feedreader this week.

    ♥ Jessica