Wednesday 23 March 2011

On the Nile...

...Nah, it's just the canal at Frampton on Severn. And my outfit today was a far cry from the look I was after, so the promised post on more Delauney inspiration will have to be postponed until I'd put a bit more thought into it. Will give it another try soon. In the meantime, this failed attempt gave me other ideas, and more of that terrible longing that one can only have for 30's resort wear...


  1. Exactly my thought, Baroness. It seems that my 70's stripes are up to some good then! Although I'm not even 100% sure this blouse is 70's - an ebay buy that wasn't even listed as vintage - but it certainly has that look about it. I thought I could adapt it to my earlier musings.

  2. poirot-esque, maybe. And deliciously elegant.