Wednesday 27 February 2013

New in the shop

The wonderful shoes above are so pretty it hurts.Would hurt even more trying to get your feet in them, they are tiny!!! Best suited for those of us with masochistic behavior,or other than that those who simply like to dwell over what they cannot have. 

If, like me, you wear a human size in shoes, there is a danger these more recent louis heels might actually fit, and furthermore allow you, if at all necessary, to walk about. Might be just the ticket to those cocktail fueled 20's and 30's parties providing you're not a purist with easily hurt sensibilities.However if your radar for non-authentic has picked a strong signal and is bleeping like mad setting your teeth on edge, I strongly advise you to move course immediately and keep close to a box of plasters.

Negotiating that big deal today, are you? Show them you really mean business by dangling this in your way to the office!  Yes it's made to be flashed at the opponent, and I promise you they'll never know what's hit them.. Speaking about flashing, it also makes those green envy leds go lala..A word of cautiousness though: if  interviewing for a job, kindly leave it behind. You don't want your next boss knowing you're SO much better...not just yet.

Now this one ain't funny at all. I don't know who she thinks she is with that rhinestone studded frame and the gold satin interior, and the perfectly matching mirror, with no foxing, and  no odor, and not a single mark or stain in sight, and with that kid leather sickeningly soft to the touch... I tell ya, there's no limit to this girl's delusion, she thinks she's some sorta glamourpuss.


  1. Timelessly wonderful pieces one and all. Those white shoes are heavenly - if only I had wee feet instead of modern size 8 ones.

    ♥ Jessica