Wednesday 13 July 2011

Wine red and violet blue - a popular late 1930's colour combination


Tiny silver brooch early 20th c., might go in my etsy shop if only I could part with it;
Fine knit vintage dress: when I spotted this on line I thought this was from the 60's, now I think it is quite a bit earlier (will show this more in coming posts);
Modern cotton cardigan, I've had this one a few years now and worn it a lot, I love the colour;
1930's leather belt, soft like butter;
Vintage crocheted bag, last year's purchase from ebay ;
Modern comfort :) shoes.


  1. I love love love this outfit! The colours are wonderful together....and I am having serious hair envy :) xx

  2. Wonderful! I love that long collar thingy. Knit clothing really is the best!
    - Emily

  3. Omg I seriously envy that outfit no lie! Its so 30's!
    I love it :)

  4. I green with Emily & Gracie: that's a neat collar! Also, a berry bright colour combination!!

  5. The colors struck me immediately and makes me want to change the baby blue blouse that I'm wearing to one with a more vivid color :) Inspiring!

  6. The cardigan looks perfect with the dress, the collar is amazing, you look so chic x

  7. Oh, I didn't expect that positive a reaction, thank you kindly!

    Gracie, I agree knits are the best, they are also very much of a comfort zone for me, a safe and easy way of being dressed, let alone they are comfortable, don't crease, don't fuss and hug both the body and the soul...I guess that's saying I'm a lazy, uninspired dresser stuck in a rut :)

    Baroness, berries are my favorites, perhaps it translates!

    Rosie-Alia, Hey Viv, Hannah: the color of the dress also looks good with a deeper, more muted blue, and with a dark green. Actually this nearly was the green combo, but then I realized it wasn't cold enough for THAT cardigan!... He he, something tells me all has not been seen of this dress :)

  8. What a super chic outfit, it totally looks 30's on you, adore your choice of contrasting cardigan it works so well!!!

  9. Just read your comment...hope you don't mind I don't publish it (owner of the shop is a friend of a friend...I like Time Machine Vintage's prices better, tbh :)).

  10. The outfit is lovely!
    It looks like 1940s dress. I don't think it's 1960s but it's possible, of course.
    The purse is cute! Really nice find.