Saturday 19 March 2011

Snowless skiing, 30's style

One of the things that I wanted very badly this winter and which has eluded me so far is a vintage ski outfit. Some of you are lucky enough to posses such a thing, but the gods haven't smiled upon me yet. In fact I believe they pretty much spite me and refuse me the very things I want most. But they can't stop a girl from dreaming, and they certainly haven't stopped me putting together bizarre outfits to exhibit in the middle of the forest. I am sure many would agree it's the very place for them, too :). 

My silver hat pin was as close to authenticity as I was going to get. Well, since I decided it looked far more interesting to the side of the collar,  perhaps not. The rest is all modern with the exception of the messenger bag (to be listed in my etsy shop), the sunglasses (probably belonged to a die hard fan of Ozzy if not to the man himself) and the green jumper that was my mother's in the 70's or so and it's far too short for me in the sleeves so I tell everyone it really is a 3 quarter. 
It's a winner, isn't it?


  1. beautiful pics and you look gorgeous! way to go, girl :)

  2. nicely done! You've captured the look- hope one comes your way (I keep falling for vintage kid snowsuit patterns and wondering if I could size them up to myself...I think I have a problem there!)

  3. It is a winner! - and not the least bit bizarre... :-) You did a pretty darn good job of pulling off a great vintage look with just a few vintage pieces. I love your green sweater/jumper with the "3 quarter" sleeves. I would never have guessed they are supposed long...

    I just stopped by your Etsy shop for the first time tonight - you've got some fabulous things for sale...

  4. Is there ánything .. just ánything .. that DOESN'T suit you? You always look so amazing! I envy you miss ;)

  5. Thank you ladies, you are very kind as always.

    thatdamngreendress, I too love kid clothes! At the moment I have a love story with 20's (pree)teen outfits :) I think this one is going to last, too! :) At least you have the skills to actually make your clothes, which is pretty fantastic, there's no stopping you going for what you want.

    Sarsaparilla, thanks for the nice words about my shop; I have invested some time and resources lately in the etsy store,and yes there nice things in there, some hard to part with (I am far better a buyer than a seller :)). There's still a lot of work to be done, but I am happy of how it looks so far.

    Iz bakinog ormara - you know, these are some of the very few pics that look ok, I can never cease to be amazed at the sheer quantity of photos that I manage to ruin by pulling faces, taking ungracious positions or looking untidy, unpleasant or simply ugly. So yes, I am very pleased when I can choose anything usable that doesn't hack to pieces the beauty/interest I try to create in an outfit. Sadly I don't seem to learn anything to improve future posing.

    Lindsay, there are so many things that don't suit me (anything where you're supposed to put a woman's body inside, he he). When I was looking for my wedding dress a few years back a woman that I knew who had a shop answered my inquiries by saying: "we don't do children' s sizes". That says it all. I have for ex a beautiful green dress, chiffon silk and velvet, not vintage but amazing, it was love at first sight and I had to have it. I haven't worn it once, since I can not fill it properly, and recently I decided I have to let it go so now I posted it on ebay....Painful, and just an example among many. Also, the 30's fashions that I love expose my legs at the very worst length for me and show my fat, unshapely, peasant ankles. I am not sure that this is less of a faux pas than showing a decollete that isn't there. Anyway, the point is there's nothing to envy I'm afraid :)