Sunday 20 March 2011

"Every girl wants to be a princess"

Well, I don't know about every girl, but this one does. So I judge the impulse behind this purchase.
Perhaps to you it conjures more "Little red riding hood" or even :)... Scottish Widows. Whatever the case, it brings up a story, and that sort of power, in a piece of cloth, fascinates me.
Talking about cloth, this late 30's? to 40's beauty is made of luxurious velvet,  I think silk, the drape and feel are wonderful, the quality is all there, and there is very little wrong with it, as opposed to the blue coat featured the other week.
Initially I had bought that one to sell in my etsy store, and this one to keep. Then I tried the blue one on, loved it and changed my mind. When this one arrived, I thought: what a gorgeous thing, and isn't that little hood amazing, but the padded shoulders are huge and make my small head look tiny, is black and the black is overpowering and so very bad for my complexion (that doesn't take a lot to look ill), and it's so long really somebody taller would make it better justice...I'll sell this one, I decided, and keep the blue coat. 
The day came to take some pics for the listing, and that day was today. And today, I'm on the verge of changing my mind yet again. I guess it all boils down to one thing: what is it that you see in front of your eyes - a princess or a witch?...
My vision is a bit blurred at the moment :).


  1. When I first saw your picture my initial reaction was...Wow! That coat is beautiful on you! I found a black velvet 30's coat just like that a year ago in perfect condition for 50.00 (mine does not have the hood) of course I had to snag it (especially at that price), a coat like that has been on my wish list for a long time but the one you have is very unique with the red hood and all. Red and black is my favorite combo and is what I am wearing right now as I type. If I was you I would keep it because it is stunning piece and I think it looks great on you.

  2. my first association was Carmen, of Bizet's opera. very elegant!

  3. oh, I think you should keep both! The red in the hood looks perfect next to your complexion. Blue can be worn with some evening gowns and then black & red can go with others! There, decided!

  4. Thank you all! There's no denying the beauty and quality of this piece. Keeping both is certainly tempting. Will see :)

  5. absolutely beautiful my dear ....velvet certaily suits you wear it well.