Friday 29 June 2012

Which dress to wear? - 1-

My oldest friend - since second grade - is getting married.
Little more than a week before I'm due to fly over, I am still to make my mind as to what to wear. I'll have no function whatsoever at the ceremony, thus no special importance as a guest, but in homage to a friendship that has lasted two decades now, I would like to make an effort.
Having said that, I will mention that the environment will hold zero interest  for vintage and my choice of dress will be probably regarded as old fashioned at the very best. Which is ok :)

I need to choose 1 out of 3 possibilities, and shall be asking for your opinions in the process (will do separate entries on the blog for the other two outfit choices). My mum and sister need plenty of visuals to assess the matter, and this is one way of doing it.

Here is my first choice, and the dress I've had in mind for quite a while. I'll admit this is the easy, fuss free option. 

It consists of a beige lace overlay on top of a pale pink slip, with puffy sleeves and a nice detail of twenty or so, transparent, cut glass buttons. Sweet and feminine, a typical mid to late 1930's dress that screams garden party while the lace makes it quite wedding minded.


- suitable style for a wedding, would take me from church to the afternoon and early evening reception without problem;

- great shape for me ( thinks me);

- easy to wear, I won't be at all self conscious, this dress feels natural to me, I'll forget pretty soon  that I have it on;

- easy to walk and dance in;

- very easy to pack, takes little room in the suitcase and it's also very easy to care for once at destination, no stress involved;

- fairly easy to style hair to go with the dress/period (pic below is NOT an example of this), although sometimes it can look stupid, and yes, matronly.

(you can see the lace detail better here, also the colour is more accurate)


- is there a danger this may be considered a bit too "bridal"? 

- a little bit of TLC is  needed in the midriff  section, as the dress is missing the belt and one button;

- husband says  it makes me look older...

- the colour really is shitty on me (I should consider dyeing this if possible, but that's an option for the future, not this event); I've tried to break the colour in with green accessories, but the shoes were a bit heavy and the purse terrible - failing this I had little choice but to return to accessories that fit in with the style of the dress but unfortunately blend in colour wise, so it's all a sea of beige...oh dear, this may well be a deal breaker.

I shall be awaiting your wise words.


  1. Although its a 30s dress it seems quite contemporary too. Thr nude shade is very fashionable at the moment, as is lace overlay.
    The length and fit are great, and there is nothing like being comfortable (but chic) when everyone else is dressed up:)

  2. I think this dress looks lovely on you! Both the fit, line and shade are flattering for your colouring and style and also comfort can never be taken for granted at events such as this!
    I think I will like this the best, but will reserve final judgment until I see your other outfits ;)
    Hope this helps,

  3. I agree that its a bit 'bridal' but think you're WRONG about the colour; it suits you! x

  4. Though I absolutely love the second option (the 20s is one of my very favorite decades) - I would choose this! The detailing on the sleeves is just stunning.

  5. I'm late in the game, but I prefer this one. I don't think it looks too bridal. However, I do like both the other dresses as well... So not very helpful I'm afraid.