Tuesday 5 June 2012

The bohemian scarf look

I bet you that, through the crystal ball of the last entry, you could see exactly what's coming: a look that has been firing not only my imagination, but that of many others and, since the beginnings of film, with Hollywood itself as a main contributor to creating a fad for exotic temptresses and their sultry ways...
A compound was born, out of mixed ethnic influences not only of gypsy background but coming also from various and exotic travel destinations such as Middle East, North Africa or Mexico (let alone the wonderful land of imagination), melted down to an inch of their life and whipped up in the most exciting hybrid: pure show. 
In spite of or perhaps due to its obvious artifice, this look, referred to as exotic, bohemian or sometimes gypsy (with or without cue from reality), responds to my theatrical taste. Not only that, but it is built around a much loved accessory: the good old scarf.

Jean White, via Doctor Macro

Theda Bara, the epitome of  the dark vamp, via ibitemyownteeth tumblr

Myrna Darby, via Doctor Macro

Carmel Myers, via Doctor Macro, the very pastiche of gypsy as created by Hollywood

 Lupe Velez and Dolores Del Rio, July 1928
 via legrandcirque tumblr

Clara Bow photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston, via adeline's attic tumblr

Mary Brian, via Dotor Macro

Pola Negri via Valentino vamp tumblr

more Pola Negri, via gypsyeyesblog tumblr 

actress and opera singer Grace Moore, via valentino vamp tumblr

A lovely lady modelling a stunning scarf on etsy

Joan Blondell, via Doctor Macro

Bohemian scarf look on the catwalk (a previous collection of Galliano's, I think)

My own trials and tribulations...also seen here.


  1. LOVE this post, it's one of my favourite looks. Amazing inspiration images. x

  2. Thank you Kelly-Marie, this theme is a source of perennial inspiration and enchantment for me too.

  3. This post is almost serendipitous in its timing, as I've really been getting into vintage scarves this year. My collection is super tiny at this point, but I've been wearing the ones I do have more days than not lately (whether on my head or as part of the rest of my outfit), and am always on the prowl for vintage inspiration to help me get the most out of my collection. Thanks so much for posting these stellar images!

    Many thanks as well, dear gal, for your wonderfully nice comment on my post about being named a must-read vintage blogger, I really appreciate it and hope you have a stellar weekend!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for stopping by! I'm looking forward to seeing more scarves and generally more outfits on your blog - you do the most stunning color combinations!

  4. Hello
    Great post. Love the Pola Negri pictures. I see that we share a passion (or even an addiction ;-) )
    I did one on the russian/french scarf on my blog

  5. Hi does anyone know who the artist is of the third picture from the top? I would love to use this picture as a cover photo.