Wednesday 13 June 2012

Sports tie

I've never in my life been on a horse, but equestrian outfits and generally sports related outfits, whether active or just spectator wear, score at the very high on my coveting list.
Here are a few variations of one my absolute favourite looks, all incorporating a tie -  that has to be just the cherry on the cake!

 Margaret Morris, via valentinovamp tumblr

 Gertrude Olmstead, via valentinovamp tumblr

 Marion Davies, via  missclarabow tumblr

 Lady's Journal

 Anna May Wong, via vintagegal tumblr

via adeline's attic tumblr

Helen Twelvetrees, 1936 via valentino vamp tumblr

 etsy photograph, now sold

etsy photograph, now sold

via omgthatdress tomblr

...And me, sporting a cute little number last November. A Ralph Lauren ski themed tie, this is one of 2 modern ties that I posses, alongside the blackbird one shown here
I have since acquired a sweet original 1920's tie which  I'lll be sure to blog about sooner or later...


  1. I love the plus fours you have on there. This is a fun look you are sportin! I too have never been on a horse but I do love the equestrian look. I have a pair vintage jodhpurs with the flare and modern with no flare - A while back I used to wear the vintage ones all of the time for a fun casual look on weekends but for some reason now I do not have the courage to do it anymore! However I do mix my modern ones with vintage w/high lace up boots that look very 20's. I have a couple of vintage ties one of them looks very much like the one above with the polka dots and it may very well be from the 20's and the other one is a 1940's silk tie but I do not own any button down shirts to wear them with except I have a couple of Dickies brand button down shirts with short sleeves though I could probably throw on a sweater over them and nobody would know the difference!

    I also have been loving your bohemian vintage looks you have been posting too! I think that exotic bohemian gypsy 20's look is my most favorite of all.

  2. Hi Brooksie, great to have you around, thanks for stopping by!
    I don't have any proper jodhpurs - I came onto a beautiful pair last year but were too big, I looked ridiculous in them and had to let them go...Maybe I'll get lucky some other time, but I also know what you mean about not having the courage to do some things anymore. It happens with age, strangely enough, as we should grow in self confidence, not the other way around...still, with something like jodhpurs, unless you really are on or around a horse, is a tricky one to justify/pull off. As for shirts, I am desperate enough to accommodate some in my wardrobe, vintage or modern!

  3. Oh, and thanks for your nice words about the bohemian/gypsy look, it is one of my favourites too!

  4. That is one of my all time favourite styles! I often wear a tie in the colder months. I'm hoping to sew myself a pair of short pants like those too. Hopefully I can pull off the look as well as you do :)

  5. Nothing short of fantastic! You are seriously tempting me to dip further back in time with my wardrobe choices than I usually do. (Especially if I could look a fraction as good in earlier 20th century looks as you do here.)

    ♥ Jessica