Sunday 17 June 2012


Here is what I wore today - not only a knitted dress, but also a shawl to protect against the elements of a mid June day - the situation really is that sad. 
Having said that, not so good weather meant I got to wear and show you my "sports" knit dress meant for spring and loosely based on the pattern below.

I had initially planned to have it short sleeved, but the boucle yarn proved difficult to handle on its own, and in the end it was knitted with the aid of an extra bit of fine Shetland blended in. The pockets and belt are made solely in that yarn. But the knit had become heavier by now so I thought I'd have to settle for long sleeve instead, until I discovered that I could have my cake and eat it! A combination of long sleeve with a short cape sleeve detail is not unusual to 30's patterns, and I declare myself perfectly content to be greedy yet look authentic at the same time...

I think it's rather cute if I may say it myself, for a project that seemed doomed when the knit was first cast. But mother did it again! If anything adding the extra yarn improved the colour, it would have been a lot paler otherwise. There's also plenty of yarn left for a jacket, and I can never resist to a 2 or a 3 piece when the occasion presents itself. Haven't yet decided it what design to go for - perhaps you have some suggestions?

For the blue accents I used Czech glass buttons to the sides of the boat neckline and on the pockets. 
I have another blue glass buckle, slightly larger and more interestingly shaped, but this one seemed in the end better suited. I thought I could perhaps use the other buckle on the jacket - should I go for a belted style...Yet looking at the pics the whole look is rather simple, and more straight up and down than I felt looking in the mirror - perhaps I should keep the jacket in line with that... What do you think?


  1. Oh, what a striking dress!! I adore the beautiful Czech glass buttons & buckle. And I think you're right, it's perfectly simple and elegant as-is :)

  2. I LOVE it! May I ask... where do you buy your yarn? I've been looking for a boucle for ages!
    Tupney x

  3. Stunning, and that colour! I'd think a boxy jacket would suit the style :)

  4. Thanks lovelies! xx

    Tups, I buy most of my yarn on ebay. I have to say though this is not a real boucle, in spite of being called that, it is more a very very textured, nubby yarn, a wool and silk mix...I did actually come across some more, in natural, and had to sell it all off, as there was no way mum was going to knit any more with that type of yarn! She'll still do the jacket though :)

    I thought too boxy at the beginning! Then I started fantasizing about a puffy sleeved, belted one...I don't know anymore... I think the best would be something summary and somewhat nautical looking as this dress makes me think seaside for some reason :)

  5. Wonderful outfit! Well done Mum!

  6. Really lovely!!!

  7. Ohh so lovely and elegant. You have yourself a very clever Mum! I think it's beautiful as it is and the colour is so pretty on you. xx

  8. So gorgeous! I am always so jealous of all your lovely knitwear. It looks stunning on you!!

  9. Thank you!!!

    I've now started day (& night) dreaming about the jacket...One possibility is open front, big sailor collar,flaring sleeves and body...what do you think?
    If going for this idea, I'd also like to incorporate some blue stripes in it, should I be able to find a suitable yarn. Any ideas?

  10. What a terrifically pretty outfit! That colour is amazing on you, it compliments your hair and eyes marvelously and is just bursting with summery cheer.

    Thank you very much for your comment on my vintage outfit post today, dear gal. I too am finding myself drawn to unique purple colour pairings, and have plans to sport purple and orange together sometime soon.

    Wishing you stellar week,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Wow! I am so impressed with this! It looks simply lovely on you and the colors are so flattering! Well done!