Saturday 30 June 2012

Which dress to wear? -2-


Here is the second option I was telling you about in my previous post. 

This is a modern dress that is very much 1920's inspired, beautiful quality and rather fancy, which is why it hasn't yet been worn in the year or so since it has made it into my wardrobe.

 The pics are particularly bad this time - my camera hates all reds and goes crazy on them. This dress is a deep coral shade, but nowhere as loud as my camera makes it out to be.


- good colour on me;
- light and airy (it will be hot where I go);
- easy to move and dance in;
- ties in with my 20's mood of late;
- very much on trend at the moment, if that can be a pro...
- ...??...


- not that suitable for the church ceremony I think, will have to wear something else at the church, perhaps this dress , (a shorter version of my option 1) - not a real con if you like clothes like I do, but 2 dresses require more room in the suitcase;

- I look terribly skinny in this dress which is corresponding to reality but not a very good look at all...

- haven't worn such a short dress in quite a while now so I am not sure how confident I'll be or indeed whether I should be showing my knees at all; moreover, the thought of leg makeup to cover up some broken capillaries behind my knee is a bit off putting...

- more care needed in transit compared to option 1, and not quite sure what to do if things get really crumpled, although I have a feeling this won't necessarily be the case (it's been doing very well packed flat with tissue in a box).

- hair will be extremely challenging - great if I manage it, terrible if I don't; it is not easy to get 1920's looking hair with my long locks (see lame result above) and, if I go for this option of dress, it will be the hardest hair style to achieve out of the three.  

You've seen option 2, now tell me what you think!


  1. I'd go with option 2. Both outfits are really lovely. Can you share with us where you bought dress 2? You have such a beautiful wardrobe and your blog is very inspiring:)

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  3. I like this one, and think it would be more apt - although I can't see why you couldn't wear it for the church ceremony..?

  4. Actually a lot of 1920s hairdos were a bit longer than folks think... if you see silent film stars with their hair unpinned it's often as long as what's considered 'long' hair nowadays.

    1. It must be the level of my skill then :)

  5. I have now in retrospective decided to part with this dress(and some other dear possessions)which are slowly taking the route to my etsy shop. This one is already available for sale in there. Although I have to say I am forever changing my mind...