Wednesday 15 September 2010

Not all repurpossing is bad!

While I'd normally cringe at the thought of cutting up a vintage item (even the thought of altering something for a better fit sends a shiver of guilt down my back :)), it's only fair to admit certain things are sadly beyond salvation. And those are the items that should indeed be cut up and reused to create yet again a thing of beauty.
Speaking of which I have come across this lovely shop on Etsy called fadedsplendour selling among other things gorgeous little hats and fascinators crafted from vintage materials. Very affordable and very cute! Have a peek! Here are some of my favorites.


  1. I am really flattered that you have blogged about my hats... I am always so afraid that when I make something people wont 'get it'.... So its nice to get a compliment from somebody with good vintage taste. The fair isle sweater I used was total wrecked, huge holes all over...broke my heart as the pattern was amazing..
    I have just spent a pleasant half reading your beautiful blog and have look forward to future posts..

    Tracey X

  2. adorable petits bibis comme je les aime !
    C'est si mignon et ravissant, de l'art !
    From France,
    Tatieva, painter vintage

  3. it's great to have you among my readers, fadedsplendour! i am sure to keep an eye out for your shop, it's full of vintage and crafted goodies!

    bonjour tatieva! c'est si bon d'avoir quelqu'une qui lit mon blog en France! :)