Sunday 12 September 2010

Shoes, glorious shoes

Sold to some lucky vixen, these shoes from DearGoldenVintage on Etsy are soooo beautiful to me! Look at that color! Look at those details! I'm love struck!

Another pair from them, so pretty, yet so small!

PranceAndSwagger on Etsy, is this my favourite shop or what?!
Still up for grabs!

Sold, from pineapplemint on Etsy. What keeps me sane is
that none of these are my size! :)

However these were!!! From adelinesattic on Etsy.
Sigh....I SO need a pair of gold heels...

Now they could have been mine, the only ones cheap enough to
make it my way, yet I managed to miss them! DejaVous on Etsy.

Hm, what more can I say? These are gone too! Good stuff doesn't
last long out there before is gets snipped. 1940sweetheart on Etsy

However these are now on offer from the same seller!

These are still hanging on there! DuchessVintage on Etsy.

On sale from FrauleinMarlene, Etsy.

Also available, from vintagewise on Etsy.

God I'm in pain again...It's purple weakness! From the same seller.

Look at these babies! Sold once, they made their way back on line.
From maddybirbara, Etsy.

Now that's what I call beautiful, I love this elegant shape!
fraeuleincaroline, Etsy.

As noir as it gets. MariesVintage, Etsy.

Jitterbuggin describes these as bewitching and they totally are!
The price is a steal too!
I'm glad these don't match my size because they certainly don't do my wallet.
Breathtaking! Another Etsy find, from JustSmashingDarling.

Beautiful for fall, to be found at BettesVintageline

Nice, huh?! AdelaideHomesewn, Etsy.

Planetclairevintage, a planet of goodies judging by these....

Oh, do me a favor and take these out for the evening, will you?

I hope you enjoyed my little selection of 1930s and 1940s shoes. And there is more, God there is more out there! For now I can only wish that my (sometimes painful, but isn't that the same for everybody?!) window shopping should turn into someone's new and much treasured acquisition. Go get them girls! By the way, do you think that maybe one of those sellers who get so much - unrequested, but hey! - free advertising from me, might see fit at some stage to throw in a little discount for your poor little servant?! :) Just kidding.


  1. shoes, glorious shoes! PS: I absolutely would give you a little blog-friend/free advertising discount if you ever buy anything from my shop (too bad those gold shoes sold)...

  2. :) thank you you're a sweetheart; i was only being cheeky though!

  3. I'm serious about the discount ;)
    By the way, I agree that some of those corde purses can be gigantic...and pricey! I come across smaller ones from the 30s now and then. Here's one in black for a great price on etsy:

    If you're looking for cream or off white I saw one for a great deal and with a beautiful handle. Let me know if you want the link...

    i love this one, been begging the seller to ship to uk but they won't, what can i say...

    and yes, pray send the link for the cream bag

  5. there is this one which is perfect in every way, but check out the exorbitant price!

  6. Gorgeous shoes, I'm trying very hard not to drool on my computer! Thanks for featuring my shoes amongst all these lovelies :)