Tuesday 6 April 2010

Provincial Heart

So I went to London on Easter Monday to meet my friend.
Shivered with cold all day in spite of wearing my winter coat and boots. Carried around a heavy umbrella to face the forecasted 40% chance of rain. Didn't rain at all. To make up for it the wind cut to the bone.

Bought an expensive croissant, lost my map, jumped a plastic fence. Wondered at the popularity of miniature Schnauzers in Hyde Park. That's where my map is.

Had a fake expresso at a corner pub in Notting Hill. No heat on the terrace 'cause they had ran out of gas for the heaters. Total shock to see the heaters though, so very continental. The non working aspect reestablished the order.

The sun decided to make an appearance. Best mood booster. See the bewilderment on our faces.

Had some lovely mushroom soup on Portobello Road and a serious letdown in Portobello Market.
Paid a fortune for the tube ride but was most enjoyable. Ended the day over a cheap pint of cider, then headed to the station for the trip back.
A good few hours later, finally crawled into bed, only to wake up to a new kind of muscular pain. Must be the special one you get for walking around London on a freezing, windy Easter day.

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  1. there's something actually delightful about sipping cider in a pub on an overcast day. thanks for bringing us along on this lovely jaunt.