Friday 9 April 2010

Dog of my heart

Yesterday after work I quickly changed into walking-the-dog-in-my-heart-clothes and rushed on top of the hill 'cause the sun was up and shining.

Daffodils are all in bloom now, and I found those little violets which I am loving so, and some wild roots that I used to dig up and eat as a child in the early springs back home, the whiteness of their pulp glaring back at me from a memory that smells of earth and joy.

There were cows, horses and sheep in the field sunning themselves, and rabbits were playing love games, the whites of their tails flickering like tiny flags across the field, only to completely dissolve the very next moment in the brown-green of soil and grass.

I ran around and sniffed the wind in four corners, listened to the mud of the neighboring farm happily fermenting in the sun, and watched the big grin of the village gaping under the sky.

I looked through my late father-in- law's binoculars at a lime willow tree, as lime as only a spring willow tree can be.
And I looked at the binoculars and caressed their rough leather case and thought of my father-in-law's life and wished him near, as I've been missing him, we all have.

But mostly I stuck to the warm stone wall of the church and sucked up the sun like a greedy lizard, letting the dog-of-my-heart give crazy rounds to the fallen tombs.

Things are looking up.


  1. you are such a poetic, articulate writer...and these are just wistful and wondrous photos!

  2. it's funny you saying that, while writing this i was actually thinking of how difficult i find expressing myself in big thank you, not only for being the only reader of my blog, but coming from somebody of literary formation, that is quite the compliment.