Sunday 25 April 2010

Green envy

This is yet another older mood board. In spite of the mismatched eras, I am still enjoying this one (and growing obsessed with that doggy tray), perhaps because of the green and yellow/gold combo, there's such a playful energy about it.

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  1. green and gold DO look so glorious together, don't they?

    I posted a reply to your wonderfully interesting Atonement post. Thanks for that. I found it really thought-provoking! I'm certainly not an expert, though in some cases I'm sure I come off as more of a nerdy purist than some. I think mostly it relates to me vintage selling. When listing items I want to try to be as spot on as possible. In terms of historical accuracy in what I'm watching, I agreed with you that Atonement doesn't stand out as quite as glaringly anachronistic or inaccurate w/r/t costumes as so many other films I've seen. Then again, I'm not a fashion historian or costumer ! Love to know about this kind of stuff all the same, so thanks! ;)