Wednesday 1 April 2015

Lamping - an introduction

There is one reason I have been scarce on the blog post Christmas, and it is that I have been otherwise engaged. Cheesy as it may sound, I most certainly speak of a love affair. Like many, it started with a basic attraction, but a few months down the line I am hoping there is a long term potential. Suffice to say I am prepared to give it a real chance. Time to say what I'm talking about. So then, lamping it is, according to my colleague Harry, but not in the sense of hunting down at night a poor, terrified animal, nor does it imply any kind of violence whatsoever. Still, far from chilling out either, here I am, busying myself with a second daily shift after my regular employment, doing just that. Lamping.

Seems that I've found a way to marry my interests in antiques and interiors, by refurbishing period lighting and when necessary or opportune, creating contemporary shades to compliment antique or vintage bases. 
It is hard work especially for a beginner in such matters, only the English terms for all the electrical components give me a headache already. Luckily hubby does the technical work, but I'm not spared the research.

Here is the first lamp we refurbished and sold, an Edwardian fringed beauty. I displayed this on an Aesthetic Movement ebonized table, covered in a green velvet, and the two looked marvelous together. So much so that they were bought together, by the same customer. I am sorry I did not take any photos of that set up.

 Edwardian glass fringe lamp, SOLD

This large, imposing turn of the century brass lamp has a mix of classical and Art Nouveau features (see the beautiful gallery). Coming up in my store!

1930s Ikora WMF enamel on metal lamp, this baby has found a home on my bamboo bookcase

Early 20th century French lyre lamp in Neoclassical style, coming up in my store!

A circa 1920s French brass lamp with a yellow frilled glass lampshade, now available in my store!



  1. Ooohhh, these are stunning! It's easy to see why you've fallen hard and fast for "lamping". Thank you for sharing some of your favourite finds with us. Were my home larger (and/or had more surfaces for lamps), I think this would be an addiction, so to speak, that I'd happily share with you, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I know all about needing more surfaces for lamps, believe me!!! I currently have 2 lamps on each nightstand :) But then I live in an insanely small space...and there so many beauties I find difficult to let go...stay put for an update about my latest lamping adventures!