Saturday 18 April 2015

Bloomsbury meets tribal

Such is the theme of my latest display at the Gloucester Quays Antiques Centre which mixes a number of modern, vintage, hand made and upcycled objects with a rather refreshing result, making for a room setting that is cool and airy yet with pools of concentrated pattern. An interesting combination of early and mid century/retro influences, this is one for lovers of abstract and stylized motifs.

The whole setting was inspired by the central piece, painted by the artist Caroline Jaine, a decorative restoration titled "ceci n'est pas un placard" (This is not a cupboard).
Caroline currently exhibits at the Antiques Centre, and you can see more of her work here. The painted chair and abstract painting next to it that you can see by scrolling further down are also by her.

Mid century Briglin pottery, I particularly like the textured glaze of the teapot, and the swirly pattern on the other pieces perfectly compliments Caroline's furniture.

I have to say I really quite like this piece and I was stricken from the beginning by the Bloomsbury meets tribal (with a hint of flower power) vibe that I got from it. So I enhanced that by pairing it with further tribal inspired prints. What do you think?

Perhaps you recognize Lacoona's lampshade from a previous post? Aptly named "Tribe of me", and perfectly at home in this setting, this is available for purchase in my etsy store, together with its cousin "The Bolt" displayed on the window sill. Even better, if you are in the area visit the Antiques Centre and see the display for yourself; the most expensive thing here is only £250, so you can buy into this look without breaking the bank!

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  1. That looks super! A really eye-catching display.