Tuesday 22 April 2014

Egg load

Hope everyone had a happy Easter, whether celebrating or not! Here is how my eggs came out this year. 
I attempted dying them with red cabbage as opposed to the traditional (in my part of Romania) onion skins. 
I think you really need white eggs if aiming to obtain a proper blue, otherwise they will end up a variety of  tones, anything from a greyish duck egg to a mauve-brown or even khaki green! After the initial frustration, increased by the refusal of the dye to set (even after an all nighter and plenty of vinegar added in), I really grew to like the lichen colouring and the mottled appearance.


  1. These are so immensely pretty! All of your hard work paid off, in my opinion. These eggs look like vintage treasures unearthed from an attic that hadn't seen the light of an Easter day for decades. Beautiful!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you Jessica! I must say, they were a commercial disaster, he he! I guess I'll keep them all.

  3. Lovely ..! In Ireland where I originate from, we used to go into the mountains and collect the yellow blossom off gorse bushes to boil down & stain the eggs :) Happy Times!