Thursday 29 April 2010

40s Novelty fun

As promised I am carrying on with a novelty print post dedicated to the 1940's and I hope you will enjoy the selection I put together.

I am including bellow the little disclaimer from the previous post, hope everybody is ok with that.

Some of these images I've saved a while ago and can't remember where from, I do sincerely apologize to the original sources , will try to be more accurate for the future. Others, I decided to link their source for those of you who might be interested to purchase those items still available. Although I'd like to take this opportunity to mention again that this blog has a non commercial purpose and I am in no way linked to those sellers. But I thought that perhaps is the best way to credit the original source of these images, in those cases where is still known to me.

There you go, have fun!

Brown rayon dress from exquisitebones on Etsy. Could you make justice to this dress?...

Detail from a beautiful dress available from ebay seller retromagnetic. I would have snatched this is the colors where right for me!

Beach outfit from etsy seller SassySisterVintage, this is both beautiful and affordable, not something to be found easily (but why does it have to be peach?!!)...

Love letters dress from adelinesattic on Etsy, just look at all that detail!

I am still swooning over this, that cloud like print and cotton candy color are ticking all the right boxes! From funkomavintage on Etsy.
I am sure this is from an Etsy seller too, but can't find it anymore. perhaps it sold, what a beautiful, beautiful piece!

As for the rest, I really can't find the sources anymore, but I am sure you will admire them anyway for the lovely things they are.

Perfect little dress that makes me sight for I could never wear those colors...

How cute are those pianos?

I love love love this blouse, what do you think?

Makes you want go to the beach right now, doesn't it?

Happy go lucky Hawaiian print.
There are a lot of tropical print and Tikki collectors out there, and this subject deserve a post of its own, something I might do at a later date.


  1. thanks so much for mentioning the love letter box hostess frock in my shop! Oh, I think the one below mine is from Dear Golden Vintage. Lovely selections all round!

  2. I so agree with you! 40s novelty prints are some of the most sweet, the most "novel" and some are just down-right weird....and thanks for showing my Capri novelty print dress...what in the world is that all about? Why Capri? I don't get it, but it's cute!

  3. wow another great post as per usual!
    LOVE your blog sooooo much!
    Am definitely bookmarking you.
    SUch an inspiration!
    Hope you can stop by mine sometime!