Sunday 11 April 2010

Shrinking Violet

I was born with a love for violets. They were there every spring, creeping out of a crack in the stone by the old house. And every spring my heart would skip a beat in fear that perhaps this year they won't make it. But these little flowers fight all evil, and every year they came through.
Their vibrant inflorescence filled my childhood springs with sweet delicacy and haunting perfume. That, I will always have. Truly, I am a violet junkie.

Apart from the Meyers brooch, all the objects in the images bellow are available on etsy as we speak (since I am not using the blog for commercial purposes I am not providing direct links).


  1. violets are just SO romantic. I love that they can be made into perfume, and bon bons, and even sirop (there's a violette festival in France every year and apparently you can get so many neat "violet" related things!!). I've inherited my grandmother's violet patterned tea set, but haven't had a chance to use it yet as it's safely stored at my mums. However, I have visions of dreamy ladylike tea parties. Sigh...violets are heavenly

  2. Well, get that tea set out and use it with fellow violet lovers...perhaps I should drop in for a cup, if i happen to find myself in Canada (:
    I didn't know about the French festival, sounds like the thing to do...I need to start planning some traveling.

  3. What an immensely lovely post, my dear. I've long adored violets, too, and think sweetly of them each as spring returns and the world is once again filled with a bevy of small, elegant blossoms.

    Wishing you a blissful Thursday,
    ♥ Jessica