Thursday 29 April 2010

50s Novelty fun

I have developed of late a soft spot for novelty prints. I believed it sprung from a lovely little Austrian shirt somebody snatched on Ebay straight from under my nose. God, I'm still sore.
There are the things you lose and you recover from. And there are the other ones, that still make you feel stick to the stomach time and time again when resurfacing in memory.
Anyway, that's that, this post was meant to be fun, and it sure enough will be, as soon as you'll cast your greedy little eyes (if you're anything like me) over what life has to offer as far as novelty prints go.
There's a sea of opportunities out there for the lovers of cute to quirky to down right OTT. This post is dedicated to a few lovely examples of 1950's novelty prints, and I'll follow with another post with 1940's examples. And perhaps a 30's one too, since it's where my heart really lies.

Some of these images I've saved a while ago and can't remember where from, I do sincerely apologize to the original sources , will try to be more accurate for the future. Others, I decided to link their source for those of you who might be interested to purchase those items still available. Although I'd like to take this opportunity to mention again that this blog has a non commercial purpose and I am in no way linked to those sellers. But I thought that perhaps is the best way to credit the original source of these images, in those cases where is still known to me.

This skirt can be found at BohemianGurlVintage on Etsy. Soooooo cute!

A cute casino print skirt!

Beautiful ochre yellow dress to be found at ReviveVintage on Etsy. I love it, and a cockerel print melts me down like ice cream on a hot pavement, gutted I can't wear the color!

Detail of a print on a dress available at TimelessVixenVintage on etsy.
Wonderful castle print skirt from VintageDevotion on Etsy.

Amazing dress from Planetclairevintage etsy seller.

Adorable scarf with a train carriages print from etsy seller rabbity!


  1. Believe me, I know that feeling you're talking about! You start to get ebay battle scars. Eventually, you'll be quicker to heal and learn to love again ;)

    These are some LOVELY specimens!!

  2. thanks Baroness, i am featuring a dress of yours in my 40's novelty post, hope you are ok with that?