Sunday 18 April 2010


Today was a truly beautiful day. We went for a picnic by the river, enjoyed the sunshine and warmth. It was wonderful and I wished it to last forever.
The gypsy look I was exploring outfit wise came out half folk half Pirates of the Caribbean.
I promise to put more effort into it next time. And a skirt.

In the meantime I leave you in wonderful, appropriate company:


  1. reds and bright pinks really suit you!

  2. yes, reds tolerate me the best; not sure how it will look when I'll be in my 60's say, I guess I'll just have to use the meantime. (:

  3. I think you look cute as a button! I must echo what the Baroness said, punchy hues of red and pink really do pair wonderfully with your colouring and look gorgeous on you!

    Oodles of thanks for your recent visit and lovely words, honey! I really hope that you're in the midst of a marvellous week!

    ♥ Jessica