Wednesday 16 June 2010

Pink lolly

At the weekend I visited a vintage fair in London and bought this pink loveliness from the nicest seller ever, and a very beautiful lady too! Check out the 40's room, there is only a shoe selection available on line at the moment, but I'm hoping there will be more, as she did have some beautiful pieces at her stand.

My dress is knitted from a boucle yarn, and is great for all seasons with the exception of the very hottest days in the summer, which are far and few between here in UK (for my liking anyway :)). It has a lovely tie detail at the neck and its own belt.

I was so delighted to find it, as I'd had something like this on my wish list for quite a while. Labeled vaguely 30's/40's, I would definitely place this in the 30's, but my knowledge is limited so correct me if you know better.

I've styled it in 2 different ways for the photos, but they didn't come out great.
The dress is so much better in person, but my camera hates pink, and my hair and weird facial expressions tend to let me down. It's as if somebody made me wear this stuff as a punishment, judging by the faces I pull sometimes, and my body gets all stiff and awkward.

I've just realized I could have tried to pair it with brown rather than black, wear that little corde hat and a pair of brown suede pumps, I have a feeling it will work better. If only I could do a 30's sympathetic hair style...But that's enough whinging for one day.


  1. Lovely! Beautiful color and great accessorizing! My hunch is that this is indeed later 30s to 40s, in part due to skirt length and shape (the sets I have from 1933-35 are very columnar and hit at the calf or between calf and ankle) and military style collar, as well as sleeve length, but I'll have to look in my pattern collection to see if I can find the same style (also it may be that the dress is hitting you closer to the wartime length?). One way or another, this is a beauty!

  2. Hm, you are saying something with that skirt length...the exact period it is from doesn't influence my liking it, but the reason I'm questioning it is so that I learn ;) more about correctly identifying things.

  3. It is quite similar to this dress on etsy in style, with the exception of the sleeve shape and neck detail