Wednesday 23 June 2010

Coveted peach

As far as vintage color combinations go, this is a pretty common one. Yet how dreamy, how evocative this soft peach and turquoise are, and how feminine, yet stylized the lines of the garments, instantly transporting into another time - and to me, far beyond a certain historical time, projecting an eternal time of balance and beauty.

Another favorite shared today is this composition by Christopher Gunning for the soundtrack of Poirot "Height of fashion" episode - that is, of course, aside the many variations of the theme music, which is pure genius in my book.


  1. what a yummy little post to start my morning with. THANKS!

  2. Ooh, just looked at the mood board. Those peach shoes are fantastic! Of course, adore Madge Evans and young Joan. Just Peachy!