Thursday 10 June 2010

New hat

My new little hat!!!
This was advertised as a 1920s cloche hat. Now I am far from being the fashion expert, but to me this little cutie looks more 30's in style. Sure you can wear it molded to your head, in which case it looks like a skull cap, but a cloche?! Anyway, it was not a cloche that I was hoping for and definitely not a cloche turned up. Instead I got this crochet sweetie that makes me smile every time I look at it.

As soon as it arrived I couldn't resist but take it out for a stroll. So we went up the hill and fooled around. I am not even wearing it in a 30's sympathetic way (I will next time!), and it's the other way around, with the silver ball hat pin at the back.


  1. What a darling hat! You look so lovely in the color of the sweater (I can never wear that color). The backdrop is equally stunning. As to the date of the hat, it definitely is not a cloche and I agree with you that it's likely 30s (if you get a chance to snap it worn the other way 'round, we may be able to find a vintage magazine image that will allow precise date/age identification). For now, it looks to be made of "gimp" corde, which was really popular in the later 30s and 40s--the way you've worn it in the images definitely gives it a wartime feel, but the other way round might give more of a mid-30s look? In either case, it's a wonderful find!

  2. thank you for your kind and knowledgeable remarks! and yes, i do plan to wear it the correct way around, it's just that i wanted to wear the brooch too (greedy!!!) and the silver pin would have clashed with that. also, since my vintage wardrobe is still quite limited, it is not always easy to create a whole look while wearing things the way were meant to. i'm working on it though! and can't wait for another outing!

  3. by the way, any tips for cleaning this? i hesitated to do anything to it just yet, since i couldn't bear to ruin it. would a wash in lukewarm water be of order?