Monday 16 December 2013

Woodland the living room

... or the wannabe country squire

- aka my window display this past November for the Gloucester Quays Antiques Centre-


  1. Just perfection! Love the fall river painting, the naturalist plant book and leaf 'bowl'. How does one get in touch with this establishment to inquire about purchases?

    1. The business is having a new website designed as we speak, however for the moment the best thing to do with a view to purchasing, since you're based in the U.S., is to contact them via email. Here is Zac's, the lovely gentleman that runs the place:
      Alternatively you can leave a message on their Facebook page (there's more stuff to see there, too). Here is a link:

  2. The classic fur draped ever-so-perfectly, as though it had just been placed there by an elegant lady returning home from a night at the theater or a swanky supper, is a really marvelous touch. If only I lived anywhere nearby (and not on the other side of the Atlantic), I'd be popping by for a lengthy visit for sure!

    ♥ Jessica

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