Friday 6 December 2013

Hello, is that you, Santa?...

Just over a year ago I started dressing the windows at the Antiques Centre in Gloucester, setting up a little nautical scene. I've done every window change since, and loved every minute of it. If there is a side to my job that makes me truly happy, this is it. So this Christmas I am celebrating not only an year of newly found aesthetic appeal,  as well as commercial success of this particular enterprise, but also what I see as a small personal accomplishment of my own: finding something I like doing and ...well, doing it.

There's a competition this year for the best store window within the Gloucester Quays Shopping Outlet (which includes the Antiques Centre since it's reopening after recent turbulent times) and it would be nice to win it. Mostly for the team who put up with me every day. 
I am already a winner, for all of you ladies and gentlemen who make it your business to come in and pay me your wonderful compliments, for which I give  you my heartfelt thanks. 
The best was from someone who is regularly visiting the Antiques Centre just to keep up with the changes in window display. Now you may think this is of little relevance for a business, but it means a hell of a lot to me. The thought (rather heady) that anyone would get out of their house with the purpose of seeing my work, and would find joy and delight in it, is deeply touching. That made my day (and a few since :))

For those of you unlikely to pop by, here is a little taster of one of the window sections that form part of this year's Christmas display.










  1. Your work is absolutely beautiful and instantly attention grabbing. I too would happily venture out of my house on a regular basis if I lived nearby to see what new vintage filled scene of loveliness and delight you'd created.

    Fingers firmly crossed that you win, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Those are lovely windows, and it's great to think someone else gets such joy out of them.