Sunday 15 December 2013

1930's style jumper and a winter challenge (say no to black)

Here is a little something to shake off the drabness of the cold season: a 1930's inspired number that will do more than keep you nice & toastie in winter - uplift your spirit whilst having you clad in style. Real style. Remember, elegance does not have to be black! The wool and silk mohair yarn makes this knit light and frothy, and the paprika/denim colour combo is guaranteed to improve your mood. 

...It also cooks you breakfast!!

Seriously, advertising talk aside, this is a rather beautiful piece of clothing, hand knitted by mother, whose work I sport regularly on this blog. As some of you know already, she does not take commissions, so this is a one and only purchase opportunity, with the garment now available in my etsy store. 
Furthermore, I am offering a 10% discount on this item to followers of my blog from now until Christmas, simply convo me via etsy to this purpose should you be interested.


  1. That title of this post made me smile! I'm a huge fan of sporting colour, but even I tend to gravitate towards black more heavily during the winter. Last year black and red, sometimes with white and/or grey, were pretty much my uniform of the season. This year I'm feeling purple, mustard, royal blue and navy a lot, so I don't think black will be popping up quite as often, but only time will tell.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Stellar sweater!

    1. There's nothing wrong in treating black like any other color in your wardrobe, and actively pursuing it as part of one's color combos. What I don't like seeing though is people being reduced to automatic choices when it comes to chromatic selection, especially in winter.
      If these so called neutrals suit you, then the world is your oyster, but too many of us fall onto black, grey and beige as onto some sort of obligatory crouch and end up wearing a uniform of blandness rather then the product of an individual, consciously made decision.
      I guess this also has a lot to do with the offer out there: it is far less easy than it might seem to buy a winter coat in a decent color, especially if you are on a budget, in which case the alternative to the ubiquitous non-colour options tends to be something overly bright, non nuanced and unflattering, at the opposite end of the spectrum.
      Still, if like me, you're not friends with either extreme, keep looking, don't give up, and don't give in. :)