Thursday 27 February 2014

Getting out of the house

...just to stare at other people's abode and fancy toys... one would think we are getting too old for that. Or rather, too old not have any of our own.
Truth is we didn't even afford the staring in the context of the two-day trip to London it involved, but we did it anyway. Last couple of months have been trying and the future is yet to become bright.  Not really capable to deal with our problems, what did we do? 
We took a vacation, that's right. Just your standard London excursion recipe: visit the Zoo, the V&A and the Natural Science Museum, eat lots of food and drink plenty of booze, walk till you get blisters and farther, and mostly, be together. Then do it again, soon.

hope you'll love me tomorrow

when prettiness beats envy

factory fun 
Adrian's better friends

 Little Venice


a flashy blonde

spotlight thief

along Regent's Canal

 display of chandeliers at the V&A

1 comment:

  1. One really must do that periodically - get away from it all, even if they can scarcely afford it. I often find those wee jaunts do more for the spirit, mind and body than sitting at home and saving a few bucks ever could.

    ♥ Jessica