Wednesday 8 February 2012

Wishful stripe (a story of emulating late 20's fashions)

From all the prints there may be, I like stripes best. Always have. They speak to me and make me happy. 
Ok, I know I look very mean just there, 50% covered in them, but I didn't say they make me a better person. Or fun, for that matter.
I like them regardless, and certainly enough to pick this shirt a while ago from ebay. A size too big didn't put me off, all the more roomy, and it's silk, not the dreaded polyester in which this 70's (?) stripe orgy often occurred. And it has allowed me to play at my favourite deco style outfits like no other. 
I have featured this before in another post, where the inspiration was Poirot-esque. But I return here to what really fires my imagination, images from a bunch over which I have drooled again and again:  ladies and gents, I give you the striped sporty fashions of the late 20's. Now this is the real deal!

 Minerva pattern from 1927

L'Officiel de la Mode, 1930

 L'Officiel de la Mode, 1928

L'Officiel de la Mode, 1928


  1. mmm, yummy!!! thanks for sharing these photos!

    1. Aren't they just the ultimate eye candy for stripe fanatics:)!

  2. Thank you all for reading my blog. Please remember, if using any of the images here, to link and credit as appropriate. Thank you.