Tuesday 31 January 2012

How do you like your Garbo?

Garbo in 1931, via nomadpoetry tumblr

 My oldest girl-crush, dating to the time when as I child I watched for the first time Grand Hotel, Greta Garbo has remained over the years a source of fascination and wonder.

I like her young
via whywonder tumblr

photographed by Ruth Harriet Louise, 1926, via paperspots tumblr
I like her sporty
via cinemaemcena tumblr
 via ticstar tumblr

in The Kiss, via doctormacro

  I like her mannish

via anpham tumblr

via doctormacro
and I like her moody

via the islandofshalott tumblr 


in Goldenlight, via whywonder tumblr 

 all woman

  via whatalovelydame tumblr

 sinful and fatale
in The Temptress, via doctormacro

yet a pure, out of this world beauty
credits as above

Playfully seductive

 credits as above

 and completely seduced - yet far away, intangible still:

with John Gilbert in Flesh and the Devil, 1926
pics via timetravelteam and whywonder tumblr

I like her modest get ups in Anna Christie:
via doctormacro

and the ostentatiously glam astrakhan, giving her the air of a Russian princess, in Romance:
Romance, 1930, photos by G Durrell
via fascinationdreams and sourvix tumblr

I like her in velvet
 via doctormacro

 in knits:

in a Woman of Affairs, via doctormacro

via fusckyesoldhollywood tumblr

and in pyjamas

via laqueredinblack tumblr

I like her hatless

and I most certainly like her hatted!

 via doctormacro

 I even like the defensive smile
 via sourvix tumblr

the disbelief
via phi1123581321 tumblr
 the frown
 via therubythroatedsparrow tumblr

and ALL that drama.
The Temptress, via doctormacro


  1. What a fantastic post!!! You have just made my day.

    1. Thank you, it's great to know something I've done gave anyone enjoyment!

  2. I like her best when she's bitter and Soviet:





  3. I have a friend who actually look like Greta Garbo! She's amazingly beautiful- I always feel she's a bit out of this world despite knowing her since we were seven!

    1. It's funny, with Greta I don't even think it's the beauty as such that is at the root of the fascination - if anything her looks only don't really say that much to me - but more the way her face becomes alive with expression, her persona transfigured on screen, giving you the STORY, capturing the essence of life and soul into one fleeting moment. It is what best actors do best, I guess, giving us a never to be appeased thirst for more.

  4. These are wonderful pictures! Seeing this, I was reminded of how I met a man a while back who claimed he'd known Greta Garbo back in the day. I wrote up a post about it, in case anyone finds it as fascinating as I did.


    1. Thank you Betty, what a lovely story! A lot of people think she was cold and aloof; it's nice to see it otherwise documented.

  5. Wonderful images & a lovely Blog! Glad to have found you & have some reading to catch up on! Keep up the good work.

  6. I adore this post!!! Garbo's face is mesmerizing; what a true star!