Monday 27 February 2012

The Emperor's new clothes


"It is not your colour", a friend said when this arrived from Patty's Vintage Garden on etsy.
Well, the background does look a lot like the colour of my own skin, this much is true. But is that really going to be a problem? Nothing a nice bright lipstick won't solve, I thought...

This baby is pretty cool,  and I hope no less so on me! Look at that sweet little belt, and the ruffled detail, repeated in a small scale at the wrists.


No, there's not much reason to pout at all. I've only tried it for the sake of it, I'll refrain in the future.

A close up of the ruffles and the "confetti" print, or reminiscent of op art. 

Everything stands up so much better in this photo from the seller, while things get a bit lost in mine. To some extent this is caused by an under performing camera and the the poor light in my living room. But what if my friend is right, and I can't see it because I'm so smitten with the dress?! I have been wearing that bright lipstick you know...


  1. I entirely agree. Nothing that a good rouge cannot mend. Gorgeous dress!

  2. Ahh, that dress is such a darling!! And you have such a pretty flapper's face, you lucky thing!

  3. That is a GREAT dress. I wish I could wear that style.

  4. You look perfect in that dress and the dress looks perfect on you. ^^

  5. Thank you, that's an encouraging response - especially compared to my previous post which seems to have been the most unpopular yet:)
    But seriously, thank you all.
    As for the flapper face, that would be wishful thinking on my part :)

  6. You look fantastic! Wear this dress and wear it often.