Thursday 1 November 2012

So much to show you, such little means

Yes we haven't seen much of me lately. That's because I broke my camera back in September when I photographed the collegiate ensemble I showed you last time. The tripod broke it actually, and the blasted British wind. Hence no outfit posts for me, and sadly silence, in the absence of the energy for anything else. I am not sure how much longer this camera embargo will last, at the moment I don't quite have the splash power necessary in order to end it. 

What is certain is that I am not coping very well with the said situation, especially as I have so much to show you! Mostly more knits, a fresh batch in, lovingly made by mother, that arrived at my doorstep last week and deserve admiring from every possible angle :) 

Until such adoring act shall be possible consolation is to be found in browsing my latest shop additions. I've kept very busy and have some true gems in there right now. Here's a selection which, thanks to my phone, you can just about see.

Drool worthy shoes

A great bag selection

 Eye candy jewellery

Even a flapper's cap!

May you enjoy your visit ...and I hope you'll see me soon too :)


  1. My heart goes out to you so, so much regarding the camera situation. I winced as I read what had befallen it and hope dearly that a replacement will come your way soon, dear gal.

    Thank you for sharing all of these stunning new vintage treasures with us. I'm especially fond of the swoon worth brooches.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! Those brooches really are the bee's kness. I am totally a brooch person and time after time fail to understand how this perfect and most versatile type of jewel could have ever fallen - and still be - out of fashion. They make the perfect gift, with no risk of ill fit of wrong size or unflattering length; they work on anything from a plain, casual outfit to a formal attire for the right set off or that bit of extra oomph... What is not to love about them?

  2. Replies
    1. I know, they are amazing right? I am having such a hard time letting them go (I had bought them for myself) but they are just that bit too tight over the arch of my foot.

  3. the shoes are amazing especially the first pair!i totally agree with you about the brooches.they are amazing i have a few of them.a beautiful purple peacok and a vintage hat baught at an auction(for a ridiculous price)are my latest addings to my collection.the green one is just a piece of art!A.

  4. awesome collection of lovely things ... i especially love the bags.

  5. Sorry to hear about your camera woes. I love seeing your outfit posts, and your mother is absurdly talented; the knitwear she whips up is incredible!

  6. That is some gorgeous jewellery and the shoes are incredible! I'm on my way to your store in a minute, in the meantime you have your newest follower! So pleased to have discovered your lovely blog :)

    I've recently started my own blog, showcasing my vintage wardrobe including the amazing designs of my late granny who was a couturier in the 1930s. Do pop by sometime and let me know what you think!


  7. Thank you all so much, and welcome to my new followers!