Monday 13 August 2012

Under the apple tree

Last week I picked up this little number in a vintage shop - though it is as vintage as me if not even less so. Still, I liked the easiness of the cotton fabric, the beautiful print in colors just right for me. 
I hadn't set out to get a fake kimono, but I did, and I'm loving it. Hope it bears no offense to the wearers of the real thing, for whom this type of garment, I understand, bears actual meaning in a cultural context. 
For me it's just about prancing around in the garden in a pretty robe. I find robes to be the perfect lounge wear; since I am anything but glamorous and manifest a large preference for spending long days in pyjamas, wrapping myself in a lovely robe is my best aim to tidiness.


  1. That's lovely! I have one of those, non-vintage, in green and it's the ebst summer dressing gown there is! :)

  2. so gorgeous! It still looks the part even if it's not a really old one. Lovely find. xx

  3. Thanks, the colours and print are the best thing about it. I also have a 20's green rayon kimono style dressing gown, and a couple of floral, slightly thicker, wrap style ones from the 70's which were my mum's and I now wear all the time.