Friday 17 August 2012

Latests shop additions: scrumptious 30's to 50's fashions!

Late 30's velvet jacket with beautiful gold bullion embroidery

As days are going by, temperatures and moods are changing. Sooner than we'll realize Autumn will be upon us once again. Usually this time of the year I am desperately trying to hang onto any shred of summer there may left be to be had. This year though, perhaps because there wasn't any real summer to speak of, I'm ready for change from the wet & muddy weather and have put all my hopes into the dryness of a golden fall.

They'll be more knits, and I'll be back to my two other major comfort zones: velvet and suede - fully illustrated here by these examples that have just left my bulging wardrobe and made it into the shop
Heart is a little heavy to let go of these treasures, but lack of space and money are good reasons to be ruthless. I hope they find a good home and at least as much love as I've given them.

1950's black velvet bolero with amazing roses embroidery


40's to 50's suede bag in fabulous condition - a true collection piece!
1930's gloves with the most scrumptious Deco details

1950's chocolate gloves with a cut out pattern, never worn!