Friday 2 December 2011

Same dress, different woman: a mid to late 1930's style outfit

Speaking about putting a base piece to more uses, what do you think about this? It certainly responds to my need of change and "adventure", of starting from the same point but taking a side route and arriving to something altogether different. 
It also gives me that sense of satisfaction that you get when the things in your wardrobe just click together, like a puzzle that falls into place.
For all these reasons and more, I love this outfit. Not bad for a cheap dress that I picked for my shop - it never made it there, fits far too well in my wardrobe - and a cardigan that mum knitted out of remnants from a different project!


The forest green and wine red are yummy together, and I like the off center/asymmetric fastening illusion coming from the sides that overlap - they are not meant to, but since the cardigan jacket is quite roomy it allows me to do this. There a a lot of examples of later 1930's style employing this off center, asymmetric closure which for some reason appeals to me.

I have accessorized with a 1930's Robin Hood/Peter Pan style hat, a tiny treasure that comes in dark green velvet. It has a grosgrain bow that is in need of a trim, but even so, it has to be the star of this ensemble.

A Deco hide clutch in two tones of green, one of the favorites in my collection, and just the thing for this outfit!
Finally, another pair of "snakeskin" Poetic Licence shoes, I am a fan of what they produced a few seasons ago.


  1. Thank you, It is one my my favorite outfits (I think I may have said that already :))

  2. Great look, I wish I could get myself colour co-ordinated as well as you do.

  3. Thank you Miss Rayne! I don't think colour coordination is a particular "strength" of mine though, I just love these colours so I ended up putting them together :)

  4. Great outfit! And I want a pair of green shoes too! *envy*

  5. Thank you Isis! i can never have enough of green!