Wednesday 10 November 2010

Come to me

I thought I'd share with you, once again, some of my etsy fancies, as at this stage window shopping still seems to be the nearest I'll ever get to have anything of the kind in my life.

Art Nouveau belt buckle, luvintage, etsy

1900's moss agate ring, IvyCottage2U, etsy

Art Nouveau rooster brooch, TheDustyDog, etsy

Art Nouveau tile, EmilyLynch, etsy

Hand painted Limoges box, spiralechostudio, etsy

Art Nouveau bar pin, kingjickie, etsy

Edwardian mop bead necklace, daggerlane, etsy

Silver brushes, ddb7, etsy


  1. these seem like enchanted objects that Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream would cherish dearly. so lovely!

  2. an absolutely spectacular collection!

  3. You have incredible taste--all of these items are so beautiful! Thank you for loving my belt buckle!

  4. Beautiful collection!

  5. Thanks for including my bar pin! You've made beautiful choices!

  6. I love the brushes! It makes me want to sit in front of a vanity with beautiful old makeups and perfumes and wearing something equally beautiful for lounging in.

    The Hem M A Blog

  7. Yes, I love the brushes...and everything else, I'm a big fan of Art Nouveau, and keep returning to it in a sort of cyclic process of reaffirmation of the self :) it's who I am beyond the passing fancies. But it does get too flowery, too swirly, too organic, too erotic, too morbid, too much at times. And it's then when I find salvation in the clean lines of Art Deco, with its simple yet fantastic graphic appeal.

  8. They are all so beautiful! I love that era and all that it evokes.