Monday 22 November 2010


Don't hate me. I work in retail and we are surrounded by it starting with September if not earlier in some cases. Anyway, it's not long now and, with Halloween out of the way, you ladies must be planning the outfits for the winter parties. What do you have in mind? Where do your fancies take you?
I've been playing around with the red/green combo, not everyone's cup of tea, or perhaps just a cliche not worth pulling off for some. It works for me though, but then I come from a place where people don't necessarily think "Christmas" when seeing red and green together.
I am curious what is it really that constitutes a faux pas in the western world of fashion: wearing something like this at Christmas, or wearing the combo on any other occasions?
Regardless, I do like it myself and might try it out at my work meal/Xmas outing, unless I'll whip up some other flamboyant idea that will get your eyes rolling :)

1940s silk velvet red jacket with modern dress and shoes
Xmas tree - zoehall, flickr
Red clutch from Planetclaire vintage etsy
Hairpins from
sources for the art deco watch, the jewelery, the 1940's green shoes and bag not noted


  1. aw, how fantastic! The green-red combination never looked so glamourous and ladylike--I love the gold accents, too. Your hair just looks so beautiful as well. Definitely love the 40s look on you more than I can say.

  2. thank you ever so generous Baroness!
    it's funny you say that about the 40s look, i don't actually find it that becoming on me (with some exceptions) - i just don't have the right shape and size for it. i love it more on other people, and it's certainly stunning on taller, more shapely females. i will definitely always love the beautiful tailoring of some 40's pieces and especially the crazy fearless hats!
    however, with my tiny frame and ruler shape i think i suit better earlier styles, unfortunately the ones i really covet are yet to become affordable to me.