Monday 17 June 2013

Little red riding hood meets the mid 1930's tunic and hat combo

Yet another project based on a wool and silk mix, this tunic is knitted with Rennie Castle yarn (58% Lambswool / 42% Silk)), colour Venlaw, in a dk weight (comes on a cone). There is 4 ply version that actually comes in balls for hand knitting, but  here the cone version was used because of an opportunity to buy it at a discounted price. 

The yarn is nice and tweedy - the main pinky-red shade is peppered with lots of multicoloured tiny flecks, but I would say that the representation of this colour on most on lines sources is not terribly accurate, as it is rather muted, not an intense red at all, and with a decisive pink tinge (pics below are closer to reality). It knitted well but when washed stretched quite a bit, and I am not sure what surprises are awaiting ahead on further washes...

In the meantime I am wearing it as it is, and I have to say, for a mid 1930's inspired project, this tunic proves to be very versatile and works with a variety of modern garments too. I was somewhat worried that I would end up with a costume-y looking, difficult to wear piece, but far from it. And the cherry on the cake is the quirky hat: makes the whole thing really fun to wear.

P.S. Despite the title, there's no hood to speak of, but a sailor collar...


  1. I completely agree, there isn't a single costume-y element to this grand knit ensemble. It's sweet, fun, timeless and cute as a button!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Gosh you're so clever to have made the tunic yourself, very sweet 30s. You look gorgeous in that adorable outfit! I love the cat hat on you.

  3. Thank you. For those new to my blog, my mother does all the knitting, I do all the goofy posing.