Thursday 24 January 2013

Catching up

Yup, finally got a camera. Not much of a clue what to do with it yet, but hey, can't have it all. I did manage some pictures though, with the hope to finally (!) show off some of the projects finished since September, when my previous camera so abruptly parted with me.


 Do you remember the buttons and belt from my last post? I have since painted the buttons as planned in order to "match" the buckle and here they are,  sewn on the skirt. 
I'm pleased with the result in spite of having had doubts due to the difference in scale in between the buttons and the buckle. 
Still, since the fold over part of the faux wrap skirt came out quite narrow, they fit there right. And in my opinion just make the difference in between a plain, boring skirt and a cute one :)

So here I am, ignoring basic fashion rules such as "dark colour at the bottom, light colour on top" and doing it the vintage way. Dedication doesn't make me less of a fashion victim though. I guess sins against the body type do count.

Luckily adding the jacket reestablishes the order.  Swing style, with close to the arm raglan sleeves, and fastening with a button underneath the mandarin collar. A style with many variations, very popular in the mid thirties and of which I'm rather fond. You've seen it here before, no further than the infamous September entry, and with some luck you shall see it again .

The jacket was not meant to be belted originally - the swing shape would normally make it too bulky at the back. It's not however too bad in this case as the fabric is thin, soft and drapes well. Another silk and wool mix with a nubby texture which together with the colour (an off cream/natural) makes this look rather convincingly old...

As always: thank you, mum, for so generously indulging me once again.



  1. Lovely! Those gloves are Divine! and having someone knit outfits for you is a true sign of Love (I knit and those patterns take Your hair has gotten so long! It looks wonderful and it's good to 'see' you again. Have fun figuring out your new camera.

    1. :) Actually, my hair was long before, but had it cut drastically in December. Which just shows how rarely I posted any pics with my hair long, and it's been so for a long, long time, but I used to pin it up for my vintage looks. I had it cut so that I can achieve more authentic looking results. I don't feel I'm getting there though, and it looks awful when I don't curl it.

  2. Verty stylish! And I love the gloves!

  3. Beautiful and the belt really makes the outfit :)

  4. You look so beautiful and these colors are just made for you!

  5. You look amazing. This outfit is gorgeous, and so are you!

  6. You look so elegant, I love the skirt x

  7. How tremendously lovely - both you and this marvelous skirt suit. Three cheers that you have a working camera again, I'm so happy for you!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Thank you, it's so good to have such a positive response! Mother will see the pics tomorrow (I hope she'll be as pleased as I am), and I'll be sure to pass on your great comments!

  9. This has totally inspired me to try something with a skirt my aunt gave me. It's khaki-colored and almost ankle length with a slit in the middle. I tried it with a few things, but nothing's worked. I'm going to try again. My aunt thanks you!