Tuesday 5 June 2012

The sporty scarf look

Dorothy Sebastian, via Doctor Macro

Here I am at home, looking out the window into the grey and the 13 degrees of this blessed day of June, while perusing in between sighs these most wonderful images of beauty and chic. 
Alas, even if such things such as beauty and chic very remotely achievable, we are as far away from a summer's day as we were in December.

Clara Bow, via mandy-rascal tumblr

Dorothy Revier, via valentinovamp tumblr 

 I love scarves and the way they were worn in the 20's and 30s, transforming casual and sports outfits in effortlessly glamorous gear.  
Note to self: try the cleaner, simpler, sporty look this summer (if you get ANY chance...)

Marion Davies, via tresfou tumblr

 Lilian Harvey, via valentinovamp tumblr

Reese Whitherspoon in Water for Elephants

Myrna Loy, where sporty meets bohemian.

 Eva Green in Cracks.

Juno Temple too wears a scarf marvelously, but this is all I was able to find.
More a band than a scarf, but looks great!

Your truly, with my best silly face
Photo taken September 2011 (one of the very last times I've seen any sun :()

...The way I'd really want to look like, should I be an illustration...
But I'm trespassing next post's territory...you wait and see.

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