Thursday 8 July 2010

Open day

On the last day of our 3 day holiday we visited a wonderful, wonderful place called Highnam Court Gardens. It was a windy, cloudy day, yet I enjoyed every minute of it.

My outfit got some stares (mostly of the positive kind, I think) I was rather surprised by though since, while putting together something I thought appropriate for the occasion, it didn't seem in any way out of the ordinary to me.

Outfit comprised of: 1930s blouse, art deco mop necklace, pink cardigan knitted and worn by mother in the 70s, late 30s crocheted hat worn with a German pin from the 40s, modern skirt and shoes.

Here is a brief history of Highnam Court Gardens as presented on their website:
"Highnam Court was built in 1658 after the original house was seriously damaged in the Civil War. It is one of the few houses built during the Commonwealth period. The design of the houses is linked to Ernest Carter who was a pupil of Inigo Jones."

"The Highnam Estate was bought in 1838 by Thomas Gambier Parry, who was an accomplished artist, musician and art collector. This talented painter is also responsible for the magnificent frescoes in Highnam Church. He started to layout his garden in 1840, and by 1874 it rivaled any in the UK. "

"Unfortunately since the turn of the last century almost nothing had been done in the gardens. Consequently when the process of restoration started in 1994 the gardens were totally overgrown."

"During the last 13 years, since Roger Head has been the owner, the gardens have been totally and lovingly restored to their former glory, with many new additions being made to compliment and enhance the original design."

And now another of my favorite Christopher Gunning compositions for Poirot, the theme of "To the lakes", which I believe suits well these rather grand surroundings.

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  1. HEAVENLY!!!!! Just spot on outfit and swoonworthy setting!