Tuesday 13 January 2015

Work endeavours - travel infused interior

During the dreary days of January the idea of travel is very appealing, particularly to far, exotic places full of lush greenery and delightful texture and colour. For those of us stuck for now with the grey and the cold, a display like the one I last put together at the centre invites one to reminisce of past travels or simply day dream of exciting adventures yet to come. A travel theme with tribal accents is something I like to do again and again, partly because it appeals to my own taste, but also because it makes for a perfect opportunity to show off a great variety of product, mix old and new, different styles, pricepoints and avenues of inspiration.

This time I threw in the mix some handicrafts of my own, like these terracotta pots I painted recently, as well as the wooden place mats and coasters to be seen further down. I "upscaled" these for my own use and made a couple extra, what do you think? They will become shortly available in my etsy shop should you be interested.



  1. Travel decor is amongst my favourite types ever. It is infused with such powerful memories - most of which are hopefully very positive - and keeps the spirit of one's travels with them for ages after the suitcases are unpacked and the vacation photos uploaded to Facebook.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I'm ending up with that look by default. I'd love an art deco or midcentury home, but we keep acquiring bits on our travels and slowly our homes is getting the 'Victorian Explorer' look. Ah well, it's all memories!