Wednesday 27 March 2013

In pure crocus fashion

Here I am, dressing to imitate a sugar sifter...Err, no, it's just that my take on spring is someone else's take on autumn. Still, you ought to appreciate the solid deco streak. I do. I mean, I'm the only one that does. This is one of my favourite outfits of late, worn at work and out and about, yet the best I managed to squeeze out of someone was "God you're colourful today". I did wear it with a green necklace at the time, just to make sure everyone was getting the reference. Ha!

Still, I continue to be bemused by it, as much as I am by my hair in the first day of a set. This is how it looks nowadays (I've had it cut in a shorter bob at the beginning of February) - once those rollers come out. Welcome to the 20's afro of some sorts! Relieved to be in fancy company here, with the likes of Clara Bow, Claudette Colbert, Marion Davies and Marie Prevost. It's always a consolation to find that others have gone through your pain too...:)

xx That's all xx


  1. LOVE the curls... said the Lady with stick straight hair! And you DO look colorful -- wonderful, considering the gray skies we've had lately (oh, Spring! Where are you?!)

  2. You look knock-your-socks off wonderful, honey! I adore that colour palette so much. I have this very distinct memory of one day when I was in kindergarten and I put together my own outfit before school. I picked a purple skirt and red turtleneck, and was promptly told by an adult relative that the two colours didn't go together and that I had to get changed. Ever since then I've loved wearing, and seeing others wear, purple and red (orange), and proving that person wrong time and time again, because the two really can work together awesomely (as this outfit proves in spades!).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you! While I appreciate it is not everybody's cup of tea, I do like this palette, it makes me smile!

  3. My, you look absolutely amazing, love the colour combination, and your lovely curly hair-I thought of Clara Bow straight away!

  4. Totally adorable flapper fro! Happy Easter!

  5. You look great, curly hair, colours and all!

  6. Thank you dolls! Hope you all had a great Easter (whether you celebrate it or not)!xxxx