Sunday 8 August 2010

Gypsyland - part one

So I went for a make over a couple of days ago. I took with me several photos from that era - "gypsy" and non gypsy - and explained the make up artist I wanted a 1920s look with a gypsy flair to it. This is the result.

It looks kind of...not quite there. At the time I thought it was ok, so perhaps it's just me taking bad pics and not really going for the whole look other than make up wise.
I also did grin all the time, so you can't see the shape of the lips - I insisted on the bow shape, which was somewhat achieved although the sides of my mouth weren't concealed.

While the shape of the eyebrows is very nice, it doesn't manage to be a 20's eyebrow, and that is a very important detail for the overall success of the look. Still, a rather nice brow.

And this is the reason I never use under eye concealer! It just makes things worse, settling in all the creases and showing off all the wrinkles.

All make up used was by Benefit. I particularly liked the Dandelion brightening powder, which I know is popular with a range of vintage looks, used as that or just as a blush.
For an actual blush Benetint lip and cheek blush was used, blended in, rather than applied straight on the under eyes section of the cheek in a round shape, as in the vintage fashion.
I liked this one too, in spite of being told afterwards by my lovely husband that my face looked rather too red...
Oh well,to see my own efforts next stay tuned for part two of Gypsyland!

And now sharing another favorite from Romica Puceanu:


  1. I think you look fresh and lovely here, but somehow I think the second look is more "you." There's more drama, mystery, and silent film star quality to the second look. As I said before, in that second set, you look like a boudoir doll come to life, which means I think you have NAILED that 20s exotique vamp look more perfectly than the makeup artiste did. ;)

  2. who is the actress?